1. JUDGING – Contestants will be judged on how well they bodysurf during their heat. Judges will consider wave selection, quality of takeoff, position in wave, style, length of ride (face of wave), maneuvers and originality.
  2. SCORING – A maximum of 10 points can be obtained on each ride. Points for each contestant's top 2 waves will be added together to determine their final score. Thus, a maximum of 20 points per judge is possible. In event of a tie, totals from the next highest wave (3rd, 4th, 5th, etc.) will be examined to determine a winner. Ex. POOR WAVE = 0-2.5 AVERAGE WAVE = 2.5-5 GOOD WAVE = 5-7.5 EXCELLENT WAVE = 7.5-10
  3. WAVE MAX - A contestant may only surf 8 waves per heat. After completing 8 waves a bodysurfer must return to shore.
  4. CUTOFFS – Cutoffs will be harshly judged!! First person in the wave has priority. If two contestants enter wave at same time, person closest to the peak has priority. Cutoffs will be decided by a majority vote of judges. There will be a LOSS of one scoring wave per judge for cutoffs.
  5. PIER SHOTS – NO PIER SHOTS. Violations may result in ejection from the contest.
  6. EQUIPMENT – Fins for the feet and wetsuits are the useable equipment list.
  7. CHECK-IN – Check-in is about 10 minutes before your heat is to start. It is the contestants responsibility to check-in with the Clerk of the Course for cap/jersey color assignments.
  8. CAPS & JERSEYS – The official cap and jersey must be worn during competition.
  9. HEATS – Each heat is 15 minutes long. Two horn blasts start your heat, one horn blast at 5 minutes left and two horn blasts end your heat. Return to shore immediately after your heat because the next heat has started.
  10. BEACH STARTS – Your heat starts from the ocean edge when the previous heat is finished with two horn blasts.
  11. PROTESTS – All protests must be made within 30 minutes of heat being completed.
  12. TEAM SCORING – Team scores are determined based upon members placement in their division final: First = 60, Second = 50, Third = 40, Fourth = 30, Fifth = 20, Sixth = 10, and Grand Champion = 10. The highest combined total determines the team winner.